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Plumbing Resources for COVID-19


Learn how we're responding to the COVID-19 virus concerns.

We know many people are working from home and self-quarantining, which can put additional stress on your plumbing system and create serious plumbing and drain problems. Roto-Rooter is ready to help with service anytime you need us. Your local Roto-Rooter is operating normally and continues to schedule service appointments for homeowners and businesses. Roto-Rooter is considered an essential service provider in cities with curfews and travel restrictions.


Toilet paper is in short supply. If you're all out of toilet paper, there's no perfect solution, but you should never flush wet wipes, paper towels and napkins. They don't dissolve quickly in water and are likely to cause your toilet to back up. Facial tissue is another bad idea, but in the absence of toilet paper, you can use it in small amounts if you flush frequently.

Learn more about what not to flush and watch this video on why you shouldn't flush wet wipes.


We've created a special playlist of how-to videos on our YouTube channel to help you fix your own minor plumbing and drain problems. Click here to see our entire Youtube playlist.

Watch Video: How to Plunge a Toilet Like a Plumber

Watch Video: How to Un-Jam a Garbage Disposal Like a Plumber

SEE OTHER PLUMBING RESOURCES is a great source of helpful information to solve most plumbing problems. Besides our library of How-to Plumbing Videos, you'll find helpful Roto-Rooter Infographics, useful Blog posts and Frequently Asked Questions about every kind of plumbing problem.

Please contact your local Roto-Rooter office if you have concerns about specific Roto-Rooter safety precautions, procedures, or operating hours. Please note that the COVID-19 situation is changing rapidly, and we must adjust our processes accordingly to best serve our communities but also ensure the safety of our employees and customers.



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