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Three Ways to Maximize Shower Relaxation

If you’re not a morning person, dragging yourself out of bed and into the shower can feel like a chore. But there are folks who have perfected the art of relaxing showers, and treating the shower experience as a treat every now and then can improve your mood. Below are a few ideas you can try to will make your showers more relaxing than ever.

New Shower Hardware

Your shower head and valve can have an impact on how relaxing your shower is. If you find yourself frustrated by a lack of water pressure or perhaps annoyed with mineral buildup, a new shower head can make a big difference. Today, shower heads come with countless features and benefits, so shop around. For example, a filtered shower head will remove chlorine and other harsh chemicals from the water, and that can have a positive effect on your skin. An expert at can install a new shower head for you.


Music can have a huge impact on your mood, and there are many ways you can incorporate music into your shower. You can set up speakers in your bathroom (outside of your shower), and turn the music up loud enough to hear over the sound of running water. Waterproof and water-resistant shower speakers are available at a wide range of price points. Many of today’s speakers are Bluetooth compatible, meaning you can listen to your favorite videos, podcasts, or streaming music stations right from your phone through the speakers. You can choose slow, relaxing music for winding down, or you can blast upbeat music to get pumped up for a night out on the town.


If you’re careful, you can bring a beverage into the shower. It may seem strange, but nearly everybody who has tried it swears by it. When winding down after a long day of work, a lot of people reach for something to drink. Whether your drink of choice is beer, wine, soda, or tea, it can do a lot to calm your nerves. You can even bring your morning coffee in the shower.



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