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4 Things to Stop Doing Before Calling a Plumber

You may think all of your plumbing problems can be solved with a simple plunge or quick tightening on a loose faucet. However, it only takes one wrong turn of the wrench, and suddenly you're left with a broken pipe and a suspended system. While some of these mistakes may be minor and accidental, you might end up with sever damage and an empty wallet.

Here are five things your Roto-Rooter plumber wishes you avoid doing:

1. Use toilet fresheners

While drop-in toilet fresheners smell lovely and make your toilet bowl look like a tiny swimming pool, they really aren't all that beneficial for the pipes. As these tablets begin to deteriorate, they can get stuck in the flush valve and inhibit the toilet from functioning properly. Additionally, the bleach and other chemical cleaners in these fresheners will cause the enamel on the toilet bowl to decay over time.

2. Stuff your garbage disposal

Your garbage disposal is not a turkey, so there's no need to overstuff it. Avoid tossing fibrous food items like corn husks, celery stalks and onion skins down the disposal. The fibers in these products have the power to tangle and jam the disposal's motor, which causes drain blockage. Pouring grease down the disposal should also be avoided, as it will solidify and create buildup that will cause obstruction.

3. Fail to replace a hose

Plumbers recommend that you replace a rubber hose - be it on a washing machine or dishwasher - every five years. Just like most rubber products, hoses don't last forever, so you have to account for wear and tear. If you wait too long to replace a hose, it can lead to flooding.

4. Rely on harmful chemical cleaners

Chemical cleaners are dangerous all across the board - they can damage your pipes, your skin and the environment. They are highly toxic, so the slightest touch of the chemical can cause irritation and burns. The hydrochloric acid eats away at the system, and all you're left with is a pipe that looks like a piece of Swiss cheese. Lastly, residue from the chemicals winds up in landfills and the water supply system, which is harmful to the environment - humans and wildlife included. Instead opt for a environmentally friendly drain cleaner!

Leave the extensive plumbing tasks in the hands of an expert and call your Roto-Rooter professional today.



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