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Know Your Parts and Pieces as a DIY Plumber

If you’re new to DIY plumbing projects, one of the biggest challenges you might face is figuring out how to buy the right parts and pieces for the job. You’ll need to know what they’re called in order to find them in a store or communicate your needs with store associates. Luckily, you don’t have to master an entirely new vocabulary for most basic household plumbing repair or replacement jobs. Use these quick tips from Roto-Rooter to “talk the talk”' when you undertake your next DIY project.

Part Numbers

If you’re replacing an older part, examine it closely for part numbers and brand names. In many cases, a quick internet search will bring up the appropriate part name in addition to retailers where it might be available. If you’re really in a hurry, you can then search for part information using a retailer’s website or app to see if it’s in stock at your local store. Some stores will even tell you the aisle the part is located in. The biggest drawback to this method is that older, worn or used parts might not have this information.

Owners’ Manuals and Parts Diagrams

If you can’t find information on the part itself, you can often find manuals and diagrams of fixtures and appliances free on manufacturers’ websites. These documents often include relevant part names and numbers. This documentation is also useful for finding compatible replacement parts for older appliances or fixtures that contain discontinued components.

Grab & Go

If all else fails, take the part to the store with you so the store associate can help you find exactly what you need. Some trial and error may be involved, such as finding the correct replacement size for a part that has corroded or worn away, but it’s still your best bet if you don’t know exact part information.

Once you’ve equipped yourself with all the necessary tools and parts for the job, remember to come back to for tips, tricks, and how-to guides on many household plumbing projects. We love to support our homeowners’ DIY efforts. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t here in case you need a professional opinion. Roto-Rooter plumbers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to address all of your plumbing needs, from regular maintenance to remodel to unexpected emergency.



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