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4 Items That Will Ruin Your Washing Machine

It's normal for your essential appliances to deteriorate overtime due to wear and tear, especially if you don't take proper care of them. Now, your minor plumbing problem has just turned into something major and will require a hefty financial investment to boot. But if you're good to these appliances, they will be good to you, too.

Here are four items that will ruin your washing machine:


Prior to throwing your jeans in the wash, be sure to thoroughly check all the pockets and empty the change. If coins or other metal objects get spun around your machine, they will repeatedly bang against the washer's drum and glass door with strenuous force. Damage to the inner drum causes torn or pulled clothing, and damage to the outer drum can lead to leaks. Consider keeping a change jar next to the machine - it might help remind you to check the pocks first!


While it's hard to avoid washing clothes with zippers, there are certain measures you can take prior to washing. These bad boys can get caught in the machine's drum and scratch the door, which may eventually lead to the glass panel exploding. Pull the zipper tabs up all the way before tossing the clothing into the machine. You could even purchase a couple of mesh lingerie bags and throw all articles of clothing with zippers in there. Ladies, this goes for your bras, too. The hooks and underwires can get caught in the drum and cause damage.


You may think the more detergent you put in your machine, the cleaner your clothes will get. Wrong. With more detergent comes soap residue, which can damage the washing machine's sensitive control panel. Also, your clothes will have a murky feel to them. Consult the user's manual to see what the optimal amount of detergent is for your particular machine.

Putting in too much detergent can actually end up making your clothes dirtier. All that soap ends up filling the nooks and crannies of your clothes, pulling excess dirt and grime along with it. Areas such as your pockets or your collar can actually foster a large amount of bacteria, completely destroying the purpose of washing your clothes in the first place. If you feel like you’ve overdone it, simply do a quick rinse cycle to wash out any extra soap!


Your washing machine can only handle so many clothes, so be conscious of how much you're shoving in there. Overstuffing the machine can cause extreme damage to the suspension and bearings. Again, check the user's guide to see how many pounds your machine can handle.


Warm weather means sweating, and sweating means even more laundry. Washing clothes is hard enough, but there are some objects that, if introduced to your washing machine, could spell disaster. So, are you sure you're using your washer correctly?


A big mistake a lot of people make is simply throwing their swimsuits in the wash after a long day at the beach or pool without actually thinking about what they're doing. Many swimsuits are too delicate for washing machines, especially higher-end bikinis, and tossing them in with the rest of the laundry can result in major damage.

Even if your swimsuit is designed for the washer, it's probably best to rinse it off first. You don't want the rest of your clothes to smell like chlorine or seaweed for the next few days!


Is there anything more annoying than needing to make a quick run to the store, only to hear your left over coins clanking against the side of your washing machine? While the embarrassment of having to root through your unmentionables to find them is bad enough, leaving coins in the washer sometimes results in scratches on the inside of your appliance. Simply checking all pockets before tossing in a load can easily mitigate this problem, and maybe even make you a few cents richer.

Don't hesitate to contact your local Roto-Rooter professional if you are experiencing washing machine trouble that is beyond your control! Our trained professionals are happy and eager to help.



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