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Plumbers and Veterans Give Back to Veteran in Need

In Champaign Illinois, a local Illinois Army National Guard Soldier was in a very difficult situation facing unbearable living conditions due to a broken sewer line causing a multitude of plumbing issues. PV2 Daughtry realized he had a big problem after washing his clothes and discovering that water was flowing underneath the toilets in both bathrooms. This caused extensive damage to the flooring of his house.  The cost to fix this problem was estimated to be a total of $5,000! But, supporting a wife and five children made this an impossible expense for PV2 Daughtery.

This all changed when Roto-Rooter plumber, Randy Shannon, decided to take action. Shannon, a veteran himself, understood the hardships of Daughtry and knew he had to help. He went straight to the local Roto-Rooter franchise to seek their assistance.  

With the help of Roto-Rooter Champaign, The Allen Lynch Medal of Honor Foundation, and local Veteran anonymous donors, significant discounts by Roto-Rooter, Daughtry was able to get his plumbing repairs completed at no cost to himself! Due to the personal care from Roto-Rooter’s plumber, Randy Shannon, Daughtry can now live comfortably in a healthy, safe and sustainable environment.



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