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Remember the Laborers on Labor Day Weekend

Roto-Rooter employs more than 4,000 service technicians and plumbers across the U.S. and Canada in both company-owned locations and independent franchise locations. These are true laborers who do some very tough jobs, without which our homes and businesses would be unable to function.

For decades, Americans have been encouraging their children to pursue a traditional four-year degree rather than evaluate serious careers in trades. In today’s changing economy, jobs like plumber, electrician and mechanic are still of vital importance. Of these three examples, the plumber is often the most under-appreciated. And yet where would we be without plumbers? (More importantly… where would our waste be? Scary question!)

This Labor Day Weekend, we implore Americans to re-think the role of the tradesperson. The fact is, repair plumbers are in high demand because there aren’t enough people choosing plumbing as a career path. As a consequence of supply and demand, licensed repair plumbers, especially Master Plumbers, can earn a very good living with above-average pay and benefits.

Plumbing requires skills that are learned and honed over time. Plus, repair plumbers have skills that new construction plumbers don’t have. Diagnosing troubles behind finished walls presents a different set of challenges than installing new plumbing systems. At Roto-Rooter, we are repair plumbers, meaning we know from experience that when hot water stops flowing, drains stop draining and toilets stop flushing that people go into panic mode. We are in the business of alleviating that panic, ensuring that home and business owners know experts with the skills required to keep plumbing systems operational and reliable are just a phone call away.

This Labor Day Weekend, think back to a time when a plumber (or electrician or mechanic) bailed you out of a sticky situation. Consider where you might be without a reliable, skilled professional to clear a backup or repair a main sewer line. And as you’re thinking about the future, consider the future growth and stability provided by careers in the trades. From all of us at Roto-Rooter, Happy Labor Day to the hard-working men and women who make an honest living working with their hands and keep our homes and businesses flushing freely!



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