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Plumbing Problems: Roto Rooter Answers

Plumbing problems are only a problem when they affect your day. The reality is, plumbing issues start long before anything bad happens. Whether it is because of our own habits or the corrosive effects of water, plumbing is constantly taking a beating and needs regular cleaning and care in order to work the way you want it to. The reality is that plumbing is out of site and easy to forget about until we get an unpleasant reminder. Roto Rooter is happy to be reminder through good information so that you can help prevent some of the more common plumbing issues that arise. For problems that are out of your control, Roto Rooter has the service, products, and experience necessary to get the job done right. With many years experience and million of happy customers later, we are still here to help everyone take better care of their plumbing.

One of the most common plumbing problems out there is a clogged toilet. The reason that toilets get clogged to often is because they are constantly being used and there are many different causes of toilet bowl clogs. To start off, here are a list of things you should never put down a toilet bowl even if someone tells you it is ok.

  • Food products. It doesn't matter if it starts out innocently with a ladle full of gravy, it is a bad habit to get into. Grease, skin, cores, pits, seeds, and bones from foods products quickly cause clogs and can especially wreak havoc on septic tanks. With nowhere to go, food will eventually come back up the toilet.
  • Packaging. Wrappers, cardboard, and foam are TERRIBLE. They will never flush so never even try. They will only cause an extremely difficult clog to get rid of and require the professional service of a certified Roto Rooter plumbing technician to fix.
  • Solids. Stone, metal, plastic, toys, etc. should never be flushed. Obviously they cannot pass through pipes and will immediately give you grief.

Here are the things that are fine to flush.

  • Toilet paper. Toilet tissue is designed to dissolve and pass through drainpipes easily. Despite the ability to dissolve, too much toilet paper per flush can also cause blockages. So be careful to flush multiple times if you need to use more toilet paper than normal.
  • Drain cleaners. It is ok to put drain cleaners down the toilet like Roto Rooter Pipe Shield. They can help keep your pipes clear and even push through clogs that can be dissolved by chemicals.
  • Human waste is always ok to flush down a toilet bowl.



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