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Why Dig Up Your Yard?

So you've received two estimates from plumbing contractors regarding the broken sewer main under your front yard. It's leaking sewage and your toilets and sinks are backing up. Not only did they tell you it's going to cost several thousand dollars to dig up and replace the pipe but the plumbing repair could also kill the two old shade trees when the plumbing contractors dig through their root fields to reach your sewer pipe. Oh yeah, and a portion of the driveway may have to be broken up too, necessitating additional concrete work when they fill in the hole.

Yes, that's bad news all the way around but did you know there is another option that will save your yard, both trees and your driveway? It's called trenchless excavationand your local Roto-Rooter can use either the trenchless pipe bursting or pipe relining systems to fix the broken sewer pipe without digging any trenches in your yard. Only two small access pits at both ends of the pipe are all that is required to fix your sewer pipe causing almost no collateral damage to the surrounding yard, trees, etc.

And best of all, the replacement polyethylene pipe is expected to last more than fifty years, possibly 100! It's seamless so there are no gaps for roots to penetrate. And in many cases, trenchless pipe repair costs less than traditional digging, by the time you figure in the savings of not having to re-pour concrete sidewalks or driveways or repair landscaping, replace trees, etc. It's amazing technology that should be considered before you tell your plumbing contractors to dig.



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