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How to Use a Drain Auger

A drain auger, also known as a plumbing snake or drain snake, is an auger specially designed for removing clogs and obstructions from a drain. Drain augers are a long tool with an appearance similar to a snake that can be fed down a drain or toilet to remove a blockage. Drain snakes have a rubber shield to protect drains and toilets from scratching unlike most other snakes and is most definitely a must for a do-it-yourself homeowner. Drain augers are typically only about $15.00 and can be purchased at nearly all hardware stores. Once you learn to use it, you can save yourself from extra plumbing service calls.

Step One: Insert the Drain Auger

Grab your drain auger and insert the end of it into the drain or directly into your toilet. If your drain has a cover or grill, you will need to remove it first before inserting the drain snake.

Step 2: Navigate The Drain Auger Towards The Clog

Crank the handle clockwise as you slowly push the drain snake into the toilet. Continue rotating the handle until the clog is encountered/ the snake handle is rotated down against the protective sheath. If an object is encountered, the snake will try to snag it.

Step Three: Pull the Drain Auger Out

Once you have found the blockage with the drain snake, pull it out of the drain without rotating the drain. This will ensure that only drain snake comes out cleanly along with the items blocking the drain.

Repeat these three steps until the drain is unclogged.

Is Your Drain Still Clogged?

If an auger does not work you may have to remove the toilet from the floor and check the opening on the bottom for a blockage. Warning pulling the toilet off the floor should only be done by mechanically inclined people. If you happen to drop the toilet it will shatter into a million pieces. Or you can call your local plumber to help!



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