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3 Signs You Should Call a Professional Plumber

While DIY plumbing can be helpful, there are some instances when you should recognize your limits and call a professional plumber right away. Here are three.

Many homeowners are proud of their DIY abilities. From painting and doing yard work to taking care of some minor plumbing issues, it's a great idea to see what you can fix or take care of on your own before calling in a pro. There are some instances where it's necessary to contact a plumber right away. It's helpful to know how to identify these instances so you can give Roto-Rooter a call. Here are three:

If you spot a major leak

When you come home from dinner one night and find that your toilet is overflowing it's best to call a plumber immediately. Likely your toilet's inner working are in need of some maintenance or much bigger problems are at play with your sewer system. And if it’s been overflowing long at all, Roto-Rooter has the necessary plumbing experts and water damage experts to fix the problem and mitigate the water damage, dry the affected area and prevent any chance of mold problems that could potentially cause you major trouble in the hours and days ahead.

If you smell something foul

Clogged drains and hidden leaks can cause some unpleasant odors to drift throughout your home. They may also lead to mold, which can add another bad odor and respiratory dangers. If you smell something that may be water-related, contact Roto-Rooter. We'll check all your drains and other plumbing implements to check for clogs and potentially identify leaks or problems that are causing mold or damage.

If your pipes freeze

During the wintertime the weather can grow so cold it actually freezes the water supply pipes in your home. This unfortunate incident can cause serious damage to your home. The pipes can crack and even burst, causing major water damage to your home and belongings. And as we say in the business, “it’s not so much the freeze that causes the biggest problems, it’s the thaw.” It's not a good idea to try to fix this issue yourself since often the pipes run behind walls and beneath floors. A professional Roto-Rooter plumber has specialized equipment to track down the breaks with minimal access holes in your walls. Going at it alone could result in massive damage to walls and floors as you hunt for the leaks. If you find your pipes are frozen, call a plumber right away and they will assess the damage and get your plumbing back to proper working order without causing unnecessary water and property damage.



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