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Fix Roots in Your Sewer Pipes Without Killing Trees

Tree roots are to blame for millions of sewer clogs each year but too often homeowners swear revenge against the offending trees then follow through by cutting them down. But that’s an extreme reaction and not necessary! Your sewer pipes can coexist with your trees – and we’re not just saying that because we’re in the plumbing and sewer cleaning business and our name is Roto-Rooter. We love trees, and not just because they help us make money! They’re beautiful and they’re good for the environment.

Modern trenchless sewer replacement methods allow us replace underground sewer pipes without digging up your yard. And the sleek new pipeline that we use to replace your old broken sewer pipe is more or less permanently impervious to root infiltration. It’s immune, untouchable and you’ll never again need to worry about a sewer backup caused by tree roots the way you did with old clay, Orangeburg, concrete or iron pipes. The manufacturers of some of the modern plastic pipe estimate that the new plastic pipelines will probably last 100 years! Pipe bursting and pipe relining is something we’ve been doing at Roto-Rooter for more than a decade so we’re well versed on its merits. The cost for trenchless sewer replacement is a bit higher than a traditional sewer excavation job but it’s still cheaper than having a few trees removed and you won’t need a year to get your lawn back in order. For the most part, there won’t be much physical evidence that our crew was ever there.

But chances are you don’t need to replace your sewer at all. If the pipe is still in fair condition, you can manage tree root infiltration by calling Roto-Rooter when you start to notice more than one drain in the house draining slowly. We’ll mechanically clean the line and remove all roots and obstructions. Having more than one slow drain in the house is an early warning that a sewer backup is coming. Better yet, if you know your home experiences a sewer backup about once a year, call us, we’ll put you on an annual schedule and remind you when it’s time for your annual sewer cleaning. We can do this at whichever intervals meet your needs. The cleanings are affordable and you won’t have to sacrifice the beautiful shade trees in your yard that are probing your sewer line for water and nutrients. 



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