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Help with a Kitchen Sink Backup

A customer recently submitted the following sewer cleaning question:

My kitchen sink is backed up and there is standing water on both sides. When I run the dishwasher, water immediately begins to fill up the sink. Please help me with this problem!

These lines notoriously fill with grease, sludge and soap scum until they reduce the internal diameter of the drain and slow the water flow. 

If your kitchen sink is still clogged after removing the trap, then you will have to have your branch line cleaned. When snaking the line inside the wall, make sure you are using the proper equipment. When cleaning drains, use cutting blades that are set to the inside diameter of the pipe. So to clear a 2-inch drain, you would need a pair of 2-inch blades.

Plumbing contractors are equipped to handle these types of sewer cleaning jobs. You can buy snaking kits at your local home improvement store, but you may be better off leaving this one one of your local plumbing companies.



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