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Roto-Rooter Rescues Cat from Underground Pipe

When a full-grown cat got lost inside an underground pipe, its owners turned to The Humane Society for help. But, The Humane Society didn't have the equipment or know-how to locate the cat or rescue it.

Fortunately, Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Water Cleanup has all sorts of sophisticated equipment that is well suited for exploring and inspecting underground pipes. The Humane Society urged the cat's owners call Roto-Rooter for help.

Roto-Rooter's Eugene, Oregon location sent two experienced sewer inspection technicians to the property to find the cat. Roto-Rooter used its sophisticated video camera snakes through the pipe's twists and turns until they finally caught the reflection the kitty's eyes in the distance.

This video shows how the Roto-Rooter team eventually rescued this big kitty and got him safely back to its owners.



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