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If you're looking for a rewarding career in skilled trade, look no further than joining Roto-Rooter as a highly sought after and skilled plumbing technician (we also provide water damage cleanup services in some locations). Whether changing careers or beginning one, working for an area Roto-Rooter company-owned location or an independently-owned and operated Roto-Rooter franchise can be a highly rewarding, lucrative, and flexible career choice. In fact, there may never be a better time to begin working for the number one plumbing and sewer & drain company as a professional plumbing technician.

Good jobs in the plumbing trade are plentiful and skilled repair plumbers will be in high demand for many years to come. That’s why salaries and benefits at Roto-Rooter are so strong. It’s a simple process to begin the journey. Just pick up the phone and call the Roto-Rooter location where you want to begin your career in the plumbing trade.

*Franchise employment opportunities and benefits vary by location and owner/operator.