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Excavator Operator/General Laborer

At Roto-Rooter, we do lots of sewer and plumbing-related excavation work. We rely on excavation teams to dig the trenches and holes that allow our plumbers to repair and replace pipes. Roto-Rooter employs individuals to operate our backhoes and mini excavators on job sites. These excavator operators are at the heart of excavation crews that also consists of excavation general laborers. We operate under the tightest company and OSHA safety rules to keep our crews and customers safe every step of the way. We also utilize excavation sales personnel to meet with customers, explain options and sell the jobs.

"Roto-Rooter provides the opportunity to learn and grow as fast as you’re able while making great money. You are in control of your career here. There is a lot of opportunity and the sky is the limit."

Rodger M.

Roto-Rooter Cincinnati, OH Branch

Roto-Rooter plumber
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What does it take?

  • A valid driver’s license
  • Ability to work with basic digging tools like shovels.
  • Enough strength, stamina, and agility to work safely on a job site.
  • Ability to operate backhoes and excavation equipment is a plus.
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