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Plumbing Basics

Roto-Rooter offers tips for basic plumbing maintenance and repairs around the house. Learn how to do it yourself from the expert plumbers.

Get plumbing tips from the pros at Roto-Rooter. Watch our DIY plumbing videos and learn the right way to tackle the projects on your list.
Plumbing Infographics
We're serious about plumbing and plumbing problems, however, we also recognize the funny, ironic, and random stuff around plumbing issues and the plumbing industry. Check out some of the graphics that demonstrate the fun, ironic, and random stuff about plumbing and plumbers.
Since 1935, Roto-Rooter has been delivering superior plumbing service. Learn more about our past and present; including how we assess pricing, the history of our signature plumbing tool and more.
Frequently Asked Questions
From clogged drains and sewer cleaning, to odors and water temperature, see plumbing FAQs and answers from Roto-Rooter.