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CSR and Dispatchers

Roto-Rooter relies on its customer service representatives to communicate with customers, understand their needs, and assure them that they’ve called the right company for help. As the first point of contact with our company, it’s important that Roto-Rooter CSRs convey confidence and competence.

The dispatchers at Roto-Rooter direct our team of plumbers and service technicians to the right locations at the right times. They work closely with our CSRs and technicians in the field to keep the service schedule organized. Roto-Rooter provides competitive wages & benefits for its CSR and dispatcher positions, and there’s always room for advancement and career growth at Roto-Rooter.

"I started at Roto-Rooter 18 years ago as a customer service representative (CSR). My plan was to work there while I put myself through college. I did just that. I became a trainer, a supervisor and now the Customer Relations Manager. I grew up at Roto-Rooter and could not be more proud to call the call center my home away from home."

Jen N.

Roto-Rooter Baltimore Call Center

Roto-Rooter Baltimore Call Center

What does it take?

  • Great communication skills
  • Good organizational skills
  • Previous customer service experience desired, but not necessary
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Frequently Asked Questions

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