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How to Prevent a Drain Clog

If your kitchen or bathroom drain seems to be draining more slowly than usual, you likely have a drain clog on your hands. There are few plumbing problems that are more annoying than a drain clog because in most cases, a drain clog will rear its ugly head again in no time. Fortunately, there are a number of simple steps you can take to help prevent a drain clog, including the following:

  • On a monthly basis, use safe enzyme treatments, rather than harmful drain cleaners found at your local hardware stores. Roto-Rooter Pipe Shield® is a drain maintenance product that is easy to apply, economical and safe for the environment. Regular application provides a coating inside that drain lines that keeps food, grime, hair and other debris from creating clogs in the pipe.

  • Dispose of grease and other harmful items in the trash can, rather than down the drain to prevent a clog, from forming in your kitchen sink. Pour the grease into a container and dispose of the entire container in the trash or wait until the grease hardens then scrape into the trash.

  • Run hot water through all drains regularly. It is best to run hot water in all drains after each use; For infrequently used drains, run or pour hot water on a weekly basis to clear away scum and build-up, and keep the p-trap full to prevent odors from escaping into the building.

  • Use a drain screen or mesh strainer to catch any hair or debris that may otherwise cause a drain clog. And, be sure to clean strainers regularly for optimum performance and eliminate odors.

  • Embrace baking soda and white vinegar. They will become your best friends when it comes to cleaning your kitchen, disinfecting your bathroom, and powering through some clogs. Simply pour one half cup of baking soda followed by one cup of vinegar down the drain. After allowing the solution to do its magic (usually within 10 minutes), pour a bucket of very hot water into the drain and repeat the process as necessary to enjoy optimal results.

If you find that you are experiencing frequent drain clogs, then it is time to call Roto-Rooter. They can help you to determine the source of the problem and provide information about preventing and eliminating the problem once and for all.



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