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Cameras are our eyes in the pipe

Sewer inspection video cameras have been around for several years now. First used strictly by wealthy municipalities and utility companies, costs have dropped in recent years to the point that even small local plumbing companies might have one in their inventory.
 Roto-Rooter has played a major role in the proliferation of this technology. The company continually invests in cutting edge tools that make work easier and more efficient. Every Roto-Rooter branch and all of our plumbing contractors own at least a few. Now Roto-Rooter is purchasing more of them in an effort to get a camera on almost every service van.

 Why? Company-owned Roto-Rooters are going to inspect every main sewer pipe suspected of having a break or major crack. The inspection will come at no extra charge during a normal service call involving sewer cleaning. Why? Because cameras give the customer visual confirmation that the residential or commercial plumbing job really needs to be performed. It goes well beyond a plumber saying "take my word for it, you need a sewer repair or replacement."
 Plumbing problems can be expensive to repair and Roto-Rooter wants to ensure our customers that our diagnosis is accurate so they can make informed decisions about their plumbing problems. 



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