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What a Sewer Camera Inspection Can Show You

At Roto-Rooter Plumbers, we have very experienced plumbers that carry lots of special equipment on their vans that can help them diagnose your plumbing problem. Probably the single most important tool our estimators use is a fiber optic sewer line inspection camera. These sophisticated video cameras can be dropped into a line to show perform sewer line inspections, revealing the condition of the pipe from the inside. These cameras are waterproof and have powerful LED lights to illuminate the inside of the pipe.

Line cameras help Roto-Rooter's experienced plumbers determine exactly what is wrong (if anything) with your sewer or drain line. And they will invite you, our customer, to see the inspection for yourself in real time so you see what the camera sees on a video monitor. This is a fantastic tool to inspect for root intrusion, collapsed section or bellies (dips or sags in the pipe) because it takes the guesswork out of the process and eliminates unnecessary sewer repair work.

So remember, if your sewer line routinely backs up, the best and most economical way to find out exactly what is happening inside the pipe is to call a professional plumbing company, like Roto-Rooter.



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