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Use a Sewer Inspection to Help You Negotiate the Price of a Home

The old adage, "know before you buy," is great advice when it comes to purchasing a home. Many buyers consider a home inspection to be sufficient to give them all the information they need. However, in our experience, many homeowners benefit from also conducting a video sewer inspection. A camera inspection of this sort costs only a few hundred dollars, potentially saving you thousands of dollars for an expensive sewer replacement.

What problems can a video sewer inspection identify?

Tree Roots

Even in homes of fairly new construction (less than 20 years), tree roots can still penetrate sewer pipes. When tree roots are small, they enter your pipes through slight seams or small cracks seeking water. As the roots grow, they trap all sorts of debris that tries to flow through the pipe. Even if roots have been removed, they can leave holes in the pipes that will allow roots to re-enter and grow again.

Old Pipes

Homes that were built as recently as the 1960s may have used pipes that were not made of PVC. Cast iron pipes can corrode over time, resulting in small holes or cracks. Minerals can calcify on the surface until the opening is too small to allow anything through. Cast iron pipe openings cannot be enlarged with a rooter and requires replacement pipes. In some cases, older pipes were made out of a material called Orangeburg, a wood fiber and resin composite material used in homes as recently as the 1970s. Orangeburg pipes can deteriorate or collapse over time and require replacement.

What does a video camera inspection do?

Trained Roto-Rooter plumbers use a video camera attached to a flexible rod to examine the interior of sewer pipes. The device, once inserted into sewer lines, allows you and your plumber to:

  • See everything that is in your pipes
  • Watch real-time as the camera travels through the pipes
  • Evaluate the condition of your sewer lines
  • Pinpoint the exact location, including exact depth, of any problems
  • Keep a recording for future reference

How to utilize inspection results during home buying

Once your expert Roto-Rooter technician has completed the sewer inspection, you can utilize the information to help you feel confident about your decision to purchase the home. You’ll be equipped with:

  • Information that can help you decide whether or not to buy the home
  • Full clarity about what you are buying before you commit.
  • Negotiation power with the seller, including evidence to support a request for a sewer allowance, lower price, or that the sewer line be fixed or replaced before you buy



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