Five Hot New Stylish Trends for Eco Bathrooms

Your home bathroom is a sanctuary of sorts, where you can close out the world, enjoy your personal relaxation rituals, and get ready in peace. How it's designed – including décor, color palette, and more – depends largely on your preferences and personality. If you're looking to create an eco-friendly bathroom, then you'll also base designs on what's good for the environment. Here are five trends currently being used in eco bathrooms that make each space not only "green" but stylish as well:

  • Eco faucets. Whether you prefer sleek and modern, or more of a vintage look, replacing your faucets is an easy way to create a more environmentally friendly bathroom. Use a slow-flow faucet option or upgrade to faucets with motion sensors. These faucets are easier to keep clean (no handles!) and conserve water in your bathroom.

  • Bidets. This toilet feature – which originated somewhere in Europe and has been all the rage in high-end hotels – improves eco bathrooms and does away with the need for toilet paper. Not only will you be making your bathroom more "green," but you'll feel fancy while doing it.

  • Natural and recycled materials. One way to create a more "zen" bathroom is to use natural or recycled materials throughout. For example, try recycled glass tiles in the shower, natural stone for countertops, lightweight concrete flooring for bathrooms with radiant-floor heating, natural moisture-resistant products like teak for vanities, and more.

  • Natural sunlight. When you don't have to turn on – and remember to turn off – a bunch of lights, you will conserve energy (and probably save on your monthly utility bill as well!). If you're looking to create a more eco-friendly bathroom, put in larger windows and a skylight to make the most of natural lighting.

  • Cast-iron tubs and sinks. Not only do cast-iron tubs and sinks lend a solid, rustic feel to eco bathrooms, but they are made of 90% recycled material – so you're creating a stylish, cozy space that's also friendly to the environment.

In addition to these trends, many homeowners are installing slow-flow toilets and showerheads, as well as setting up regular maintenance on their plumbing systems to ensure leaks do not jeopardize their green plumbing efforts. Examine ways you can reduce your carbon footprint by redesigning your eco bathrooms.