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What Makes a Good Plumber?

There are a whole host of qualities we could present when discussing what makes a good plumber. For the sake of helping you make a decision quickly, however (because you likely are more interested in getting the job done then researching dozens of prospects), these traits are considered some of the most important to look for in a quality plumber.


The best way to find out if you can trust this plumber is to enquire about recommendations from friends and family. The plumber will have access to your home and could be working solo while you are away, this means you need to be extra careful. You don’t want to worry about them stealing personal effects or damaging property. When consulting with possible plumbers, be sure to pay attention to your gut reaction when interacting with them.

Fully Trained

It’s very important to have confidence in your plumber’s ability to tackle any job or problem. The last thing you want is to get midway through a project and have them explain they are unable to finish it. Ask about their training and whether their license is current. In many states it is required to be currently licensed and insured. You can also ask for recommendations from previous clients. This would be a good way to understand their level of experience and perhaps compare to another person who had a similar job that you need help with.


The project or problem that needs to be addressed has already or likely will disrupt your life to some degree, you don’t want your plumber’s tardiness to further complicate matters. Find out if they respect your schedule and pay attention to how they react if they are late. If they are inconsiderate about making you wait, they likely won’t be finishing the job with consideration either.



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