How Old is Your House?

Most sewer lines installed in the early part of the century were made from clay or cast iron, before research and development helped us understand the best materials to use for residential plumbing.

Clay piping was used until the 1960′s, which was supplemented during World War II with cast iron and Orangeburg.

About 70% of all homes built before World War II need major repair of replacement of their sewer lines. And homes between 50 and 70 years old will have to repair or replace their main sewer line.

There are several options:
• Annual sewer cleaning
• Pipe Relining
• Pipe Replacement

The cost to reline or replace is expensive, but the annual cost of the sewer cleaning and/or additional plumbing problems can add up. It’s best to have a professional St. Paul plumber camera the line. That way you will know exactly where the issues are and you can begin saving for the costly sewer repair.

If you have any questions plumbing questions, one of our Master Plumbers will be happy to assist you.


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