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Commercial Excavation Services

Digging up sewer and water lines can be pretty serious plumbing work. If your business or municipality requires excavation services, you want the best and most experienced service provider available. Roto-Rooter offers a wide range of excavation services that are tailored to your needs. There's no need to stress when it comes to fixing an underground plumbing or sewer problem.

Much of Roto-Rooter's excavation work involves digging up existing water and sewer lines and repairing the damaged pipe sections or replacing the entire pipeline. This can be a small job or a large one, depending on the region of the country and the severity of the damage. For instance, sewer and water lines in South Texas and Florida only lie a few feet beneath the ground because of a shallow frost depth and lack of basements. However, in colder climates, some sewer systems are buried anywhere from 4 to an even 18 feet underground. The depth is mandated by climate, depth of connecting infrastructure and local plumbing codes. The shallowest lines can be repaired by small Roto-Rooter crews with shovels. However, deeper sewer and water lines require larger, more sophisticated excavation equipment, like backhoes, mini excavators or other heavy duty machinery.

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Your team did an excellent job on our trenchless drain repair. The team was all professional and courteous. They did a good job of explaining what and why they were ... doing through the process. Post excavation I was impressed at the level they returned they yard too.

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Excavation service and plumbing was exceptionally well done. Your techs did an outstanding job getting the drains open, replacing the problem areas, and keeping the mess to a minimum.

My wife and I were very impressed with the professionalism of the men who came and replaced our sewer line. They took the time to explain to us what ... they were doing and how the excavation project would be completed. We appreciated that they took the time to go over the details with us and answer all of our questions. We were equally pleased that they didn't completely tear up the entire yard. They were precise in their excavation and careful with where they placed all the dirt. Thank you for employing such highly skilled workers!

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