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Code For Pooping Humor – Video & Infographic

There must be a thousand euphemisms to describe the act of defecating. Some terms, such as “going number 2” we’ve all known about since childhood and we can use them without conjuring up disgusting visions. Other code words are just downright clever such as “drop the kids off at the pool” while still others cross a line and are just too grotesque to mention in polite conversation. Of course all of the above is subjective since one person’s disgust is another person’s belly laugh.

Since Roto-Rooter has to deal with “poop” from sewers and drains on a daily basis, we decided to have some fun with the many code words people have for bowel movements. We created a series of silly videos depicting the innocent and literal interpretations of these code words, including “cutting the cable,” “pinching a loaf” and “dropping a load.” Sure, this is plumber humor but most everyone else seems to get a laugh out of it as well.

You can watch the complete Code for Pooping video series on Roto-Rooter TV, our YouTube channel or on the Roto-Rooter website. Besides YouTube. You can also find the Code for Pooping videos on Roto-Rooter’s Facebook Page. And if you don’t feel like watching a bunch of videos, we’ve followed with a fun Code for Pooping infographic that you can share on social media. Our social followers seem to be enjoying this tongue-in-cheek look at an act that everyone does but few want to talk about unless they’re making a joke. And many of you have even reminded us of some really fun code words we overlooked. Maybe we’ll revisit the topic with a new series of videos sometime in the future. Feel free to comment on your favorite pooping code words, we would love to hear from you. 



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