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The Strangest Items Found in Drains

You can probably remember at least one moment where you accidentally dropped something down the drain! Whether it was a valuable piece of jewelry or a favorite toy, it can be a little embarrassing to have to admit to a plumber that you made a mistake.

Not to worry! You’re not alone. Every plumber has a different story about the strangest items they have found in toilet traps and drains. In fact, we’ve even compiled some of the worst stories into a book, Chilling Tales from the Porcelain Seat.

Read on for a quick list of some of the strangest things Roto-Rooter plumbers have found in drains on routine service calls:

  • Live animals. While it is typical to find flushed goldfish in the drains, some plumbers have reported finding live kittens, snakes, turtles, badgers, and other small animals in the toilet and drains.
  • Dentures. While these can fall into the toilet, it is best to keep your dentures or false teeth as far from the toilet as possible when you are cleaning them to ensure that they cannot cause a drain clog.
  • Personal electronics. These have ranged from items as small as watches and batteries to as large as cell phones. (So far, no tablets!) If it can be flushed, chances are someone has tried to fit it down the drain.
  • Mop heads. These have actually been found more than once in drains and they can cause severe damage. For best practice on all unwanted items, dump it, don’t flush it, even if it’s already wet!
  • Tools and home improvement supplies. There has to be an easier way to dispose of flashlights and screwdrivers than down the toilet, but that hasn’t stopped Roto-Rooter plumbers from finding them!.
  • Toys and children’s items. Whether they’re trying to get rid of an unwanted toy or give a loved toy a swimming lesson, flushing items down the toilet is a favorite pastime for children of all ages. Plumbers have found everything from dolls to toy cars in the drain, so do what you can to keep the toilet closed and encourage your child to only flush when necessary.
  • Clothing and linen. Items ranging from as small as socks and underwear to as large as bedspreads have been found in toilet traps and drains.

Along with being surprised by the things they find, many plumbers are shocked at how some large items even fit down the drains. Make sure to keep strange items out of your toilets and drains. This will help to prevent a frustrating, costly problem from developing in your drains and pipes.

If you have dropped a large item down the drain, don’t wait to call Roto-Rooter about the problem. They won’t be surprised by anything you may have flushed or dropped, so you shouldn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed to call about your problem.



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