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Curious Kitties: Winter 2019 Rescues

Claws with John Evans and Matthew Stephens

Claws the cat has Roto-Rooter to thank for rescuing him from a storm drain. At 18, Claws is an elderly cat. He just moved from the country and wasn't used to city noises and cars, so when he escaped from his new house, he got scared and bolted into a storm drain. He's a big kitty, so going in was easy, but getting out proved impossible. He ventured hundreds of feet into the sewer pipe. Fortunately, John Evans and Matthew Stephens from Roto-Rooter's Raleigh, NC Branch were able to locate Claws with a video camera snake, lead him out of the pipe, and return him to his owner.

Midna Dream-Storm and Haroon Butt

This Brooklyn kitten named Midna Dream-Storm was reunited with its owner, Haroon Butt, by Roto-Rooter's Anthony Ramirez. The curious kitty got itself stuck inside a cavity between the vanity and the wall Monday night. Anthony freed the kitty within five minutes and did not charge for his services.

Dennis Hoffman and Princess

Thanks to Roto-Rooter's Dennis Hofmann (Baltimore Branch), "Princess" the cat has been reunited with her family after getting lost inside the ventilation system in the family home for six hours! Dennis worked for two hours to free her. Two young kids in the house were very happy to have their pet back. Always be sure HVAC vent and intake covers are in place and screwed down tightly so curious pets don't wander into them.



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