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Roto-Rooter ?Ç£How-To?Ç¥ Videos

The trend of Do It Yourself (DIY) tips is spreading rapidly on social media, especially in video form. Everything from cooking recipes to at home cleaning tricks, it seems consumers everywhere are loving these short form how-to clips and they want more. The rise in popularity of tutorial videos did not go unnoticed by Roto-Rooter. Early on, we saw this as an opportunity to benefit our customers and add value to their social media experience on our social platforms by creating videos about everyday plumbing issues with simple instructions for how to solve them.

Roto-Rooter’s “How-To” series provides viewers with easy DIY tutorials from a first-person point of view, as if they were looking at and working on these problems with their own eyes. The lighting and camera angles show the viewer what each step should look like as if they were working on it themselves.

After researching the most commonly searched household plumbing, sewer, and water issues on the internet, Roto-Rooter created a plan to educate the public on basic plumbing & drain repairs that they can do themselves. The How-To series includes DIY tutorials on how to retrieve jewelry from sink drains, properly clear a sink clog, clean or change out an old showerhead and other nagging plumbing problems. You can find these videos on Roto Rooter’s website and YouTube channel.

While DIY might come easy to some, don’t get in over your head. If you are still experiencing trouble be sure to call your local Roto-Rooter plumber. They are ready and willing to fix any plumbing, drain or water cleanup problem. Just call 1-800-GET-ROTO.



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