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Need a Plumber This Weekend?

The weekend is upon us and we do-it-yourselfers are gearing up for projects around the house. If you get in over your head on some kitchen plumbing jobs or a water heater replacement and need a professional to solve your plumbing problems, you may be surprised how many local plumbing companies don't answer their phones on weekends. You could find yourself going through the phone book, dealing with voice mail and after hours answering services that may or may not get a timely message to the plumber. Waiting to talk with someone is not an option when your basement is flooding.

Not exactly comforting is it? The only time most of us have to deal with our plumbing problems is over the weekend or at night. And when you run into trouble and need a pro to come to the rescue, You don't need the added burden of tracking someone down when your sewer backs up and requires professional sewer cleaning.

It's nice to know Roto-Rooter has real people answering their phones 24/7, even on holidays. Real people based at our own call centers in the USA, not halfway around the globe. They'll dispatch a service technician right away. And at Roto-Rooter, Saturday is a regular work day before 7 p.m. so you won't pay extra. That's comforting when your sink is spewing or your toilet is overflowing.



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