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Kids and Plumbing 101

As an adult, you know flushing a large object down the toilet is harmful. For your kids, on the other hand, the results may not be as obvious. You may have locked the toilet seat when your children were younger, but now it's time to teach them safe and healthy plumbing practices. Here is a guide on kids and plumbing to keep your home safe and clog-free.

Turn off the faucet

Odds are your little one cannot wait to brush his or her teeth without your help. During this routine, it's your job to teach him or her to use enough toothpaste and brush all of their teeth to prevent cavities. Another important lesson? Turning off the bathroom faucet while brushing. This can save up to 8 gallons of water a day and more than 200 gallons a month! Be sure explain to your children the importance of conserving water and only turning on the faucet when necessary.

The same goes for any other activity that involves running water, including cleaning dishes and washing their hands. Encourage your kids to shut off the faucet, and pretty soon it will become second nature for them.

Store things carefully

Lots of important plumbing fixtures are found in storage areas like closets and laundry rooms. If this is the case, make sure both you and your children are very careful where you put things. For example, don't store toys in a closet that houses the water heater; combustible items and paints and solvents could start a fire if placed too close to the water heater, especially if you have a gas model that uses a flame to heat water.

Keep an eye on the toilet

Everyone will experience a clogged toilet at least once in their lifetime, including your kids. When they're still young, be sure to stress the importance of flushing after they go to the bathroom. Inform them that they should let you know if the water continues to rise after a flush. If they're a little bit older, teach them the proper way to unclog a toilet with a toilet plunger.

Keep in mind that practicing good plumbing routines is a team effort for the entire family. Be proactive about the safety of your home. If you notice a leaky faucet or a foul odor coming from your garbage disposal, don't ignore it in hopes it will go away on its own. Call one of our professional and experienced Roto-Rooter plumbers to come out and take a look.



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