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Leaking and Clogged Dishwasher Repair

Let's be honest: The dishes in your home are probably rarely done by hand. So, when the dishwasher is not draining properly or starts to act up, it can throw a wrench into your kitchen cleanliness and time management. Being aware of common dishwasher issues is one way you can prepare yourself for any problems that come up in the future. Knowing a little about these issues in advance can help you decide whether you can fix the machine yourself, if you need to call in a professional plumber, or if the problem requires an appliance repairman.

The water isn't draining

The first thing you'll want to check if your dishwasher is not draining is the drain pipe and drain tube leading from the dishwasher to the drainpipe beneath your kitchen sink. The solution could be as simple as removing pieces of food from the pipe to clear the drain. A blockage can occur if you forget to scrape off larger bits of food from your dishes. If you've cleared the drain and the dishwasher still isn't working properly, inspect the drain hose to make sure there are no kinks that are blocking the water flow.

The dishes are still dirty

You might be surprised to know that dirty dishes can often be caused by an overfilled detergent dispenser or the detergent you're using. If your wash cycle is giving you spotty or residue-covered items when it's done, try switching out the amount and type of soap you're using. The spray arms are another part of the machine you should check out. If the outlet holes are clogged, your dishwasher can leave food residue on your plates, glasses, bowls, etc. Try clearing the clogged outlet holes and run your dishwasher again. If your dishes still have food residue on them, it may be time to call in a professional.

The machine is leaking

Stepping in a puddle of water in the kitchen is the worst. A simple fix to this dilemma could be to switch the detergent you're using. If the cleaner is creating too many suds in the dishwasher, it could be the cause of your leaking dishwasher. You should also inspect the latch and door hinges to determine if everything is closing properly. Also, try wiping the door gasket with a wet cloth. Sometimes detergent and debris can build up on the gasket to prevent a good seal.

If you tried one of the suggested solutions, but you're still experiencing one of the complications above, it may be a sign you have a bigger problem, like a damaged hose or a seriously clogged dishwasher drain. In this case, it is probably time to contact a plumber for drain cleaning and repairs. If you’ve determined that the problem is mechanical, you’ll probably want to contact an appliance repair company.



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