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Aging in Place: How Walk-In Showers Can Help

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines aging in place as "the ability to live in one’s own home and community safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of age, income, or ability level." Many people are able to achieve this through a variety of home modifications & maintenance as they age. These modifications range from something as simple as removing throw rugs to raising the toilet seat and increasing lighting. In addition, the replacement of bathtub-shower combos with walk-in showers is a modification many seniors find useful. Here are five reasons why:

  • Easy access. Walk-in showers usually have a low step with enough of a lip to keep water from flowing out onto the bathroom floor. This decreases your chance of falling in two ways: you won't have the side of a tub to step over, and you won't have to worry about slippery water on the floor. Roll-in showers are also available for those with wheelchairs.

  • It's easy to install a fold-up seat that attaches to the shower wall. This feature of walk-in showers makes it much easier and less tiring on those who have trouble standing for longer periods of time due to various health conditions.

  • Grab bars. These bars are easy to install and make it possible for you to raise and lower yourself onto the shower seat as well as provide better support when getting in and out of the shower.

  • Detachable showerhead. These hand-held showerheads connect to the shower with a long hose so you can sit and shower at the same time. It means you only have to move your arm, not maneuver your entire body like you would have to underneath a stationary showerhead.

  • No door. Most walk-in showers do not have doors—a good thing, since doors give you one more obstacle to get past.

In these ways, walk-in showers help you maintain your privacy so you can gracefully age in place. Your local Roto-Rooter plumbers would be more than happy to help you install your walk-in shower once purchased. Begin modifying your home for the future now.



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