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Three Funny Items Found by Plumbers

The most frequent calls to plumbers deal with clogged drains, and it may surprise you what type of items plumbers have dug out of plumbing lines in the past. Some items are common, unusual, or gross, but others can make a plumber laugh out loud and wonder how such an item ended up there. Some of the funniest items hint of even more hilarious back stories, though we’ll probably never learn the real circumstances leading up to the discovery.

Traffic Cone in Drain

A plumber in Britain once found a traffic cone blocking a drain. These large orange cones pop up along streets when there is construction going on, so how and why did one get flushed down the toilet? What was the person doing with a traffic cone in their home in the first place? No able-minded adult would flush a traffic cone down a toilet and think it’s a good idea, so we can only hope it was the product of mischievous kids.

“Marital Aids” Found in Toilets

The market for so –called ‘sex toys’ has been growing, but that doesn’t mean people are particularly eager to reveal that they own them. Perhaps this is why plumbers have found them clogging up people’s toilets. People might get embarrassed or ashamed, and want to dispose of the toys without risking having them found in the trash. Unfortunately, it’s probably even more embarrassing to have the items revealed by a confused plumber.


Some of the funniest items to be found that paint a pretty clear picture of what happened are plumbers’ tools. There have been cases where the plumber who is installing a pipe is a bit absent-minded and sets a tool or two inside the pipe. Without thinking, they seal up the pipe along with the tools, and the tools don’t resurface until weeks or even years later when toilet paper and other debris catches on them and causes a clog. In this case, the plumber is both the cause and the solution to the problem (though this is more common with amateur jobs).

Stop the Funny Business

As funny as these situations may sound from the outside looking in, it isn’t so funny when they happen to you. Every time you call a plumber to remove a clog, you are spending money. Your clogs might not always be clogged by funny items, but they are likely caused by you flushing something that shouldn’t be flushed, or draining something that shouldn’t be drained.  Whether the problem is caused by baby wipes, diapers, or cooking oils, think things through before making a costly mistake.




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