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Pets and Plumbing: What You Need to Know

Every family member in your household is affected by the plumbing, and that's including pets. Whether your furry friend drinks out of the toilet bowl or sleeps in the sink, here are some plumbing-related tips to remember as a pet owner:

Keep an eye on hair

Dogs and cats shed, quite a bit, but you probably already know that whenever you try to wear black-colored clothing. This hair sits on your couches and floors and needs to be swept or vacuumed up a few times a week. Be sure to always dispose of this only in the trash. Never flush it down the toilet. Dog or cat hair, like human hair, doesn't break down in pipes, so it can backup your systems.

Giving your dog a bath is no easy feat, but it will be a lot more difficult if you don't take care of your shower drains. Use a stopper to block the animal hair from entering down the drain and clogging it.

Don't flush kitty litter

As tempting and convenient as it is do not flush your kitty litter. Even if you cat litter packaging even if it says "flushable” it still has a chance of clogging your toilet.  In fact, you should only be flushing two items: toilet paper and waste. Everything else goes in the trash.

Keep the lid closed

Dogs are scavengers by nature, which is why your furry friend might head to the toilet bowl when it's thirsty. However, the bacteria and residue from cleaning products left in the bowl can actually be harmful to your dog. Have everyone in the house pick up the habit of keeping the lid closed to keep your dog safe and healthy. Also, always keep a fresh bowl of water out for your pup so it won't be tempted to head to the bathroom.

Watch your dog in the yard

Most dogs love to dig deep into the dirt in the backyard. Sometimes, a pup will even bury a toy to dig up. Although this seems relatively harmless (despite the mess), it can actually damage your underground pipes if your dog goes too deep. Water and sewer lines can run as shallow as 18 inches below the surface of your lawn. If you let your dog dig in the backyard, be sure that it doesn't damage any pipes, sprinkler systems or sewer lines. If you find that your pet has dug too deep be sure to call your local Roto-Rooter professional today to come check out the possible damage.



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