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Shape Up for the Season with These Seven Tips

Fall is coming—and while it’s not as ominous as winter, even slight dips in temperature can throw your commercial building’s systems out of whack. Here are seven tips to make sure your building is prepared for the new season.

  1. Fall is the best time to prepare your landscaping for spring. Inspect dead trees and shrubs that may need replacement and take care of any mulching and weeding before winter comes. Clean out your roof drains and inspect any skylights for damage.

  1. If the age of your HVAC system is nearing the double digits, you should consider replacing them before the temperatures drop. Many older gas furnaces only work at 50% efficiency while new furnaces have ratings of 92%–98% efficiency. If you don’t need a replacement, it’s still important to check the furnace for cracks and have it professionally cleaned.

  1. Open the supply registers on lower levels of your building and close ones on the upper levels. This can help your commercial system heat quickly and efficiently when the time comes.

  1. Cooler seasons can take a big toll on your sewers and septic system. The beginning of fall is the best time to conduct routine maintenance and check for any damage. This is also a great time to drain your septic tank if you have one. Roto-Rooter is always available for any of your plumbing needs or questions; just call 1-800-GET-ROTO.

  1. While frost might not seem like an issue just yet, it can surprise us when we least expect it. Keep your eye on the forecast for unseasonably low temperatures. If you see a dip into colder weather, detach your hoses from the outside taps. If you have an underground sprinkler system, drain and turn off those pipes as well.

  1. For many regions, the new season can bring a lot of rainfall. Evaluate your storm pipes, catch basins and discharge pipes for deterioration or blocks. Repair any damages and remove any plants that may be impeding the system.

  1. Ensure that your hot water tank is working properly by checking the bottom of the pan for excess water. If the tank is leaking or if you find water at the bottom, you should call the professionals at Roto-Rooter immediately to fix the problem.



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