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Fun Facts from the Plumbing Experts

Often, we don’t think about the plumbing in our home until we have problems. Here’s a look at just a few fun and interesting plumbing facts:

  • The average household wastes around 9,000 gallons of water every year from running the faucet too long. Routine maintenance on your water heater can help to prevent water waste and ensure that your water heater is working properly, heating your water in an appropriate amount of time. Your trusted Roto-Rooter plumbing expert can assess what needs to be done with a simple service call.

  • The first flush toilet was invented in 1596 by John Harrington. John called the toilet Ajax and wrote a treatise on it that was a veiled political attack. The object was real, though, and there was one in his manor.

  • Albert Einstein was an honorary member of the Plumbers and Steamfitters Union. He was once quoted as saying that if he had to choose his life path all over again, he would have become a plumber instead of a scientist.

  • Indoor plumbing dates back a lot further than you might think - at least to 2500 B.C. - and the materials have not changed very much since. Copper piping has been a popular plumbing material dating back to ancient Egypt!

  • Your leaky faucet is more of an urgent issue than you might think. A faucet leak can account for more than a gallon of water waste every week. Leaks and water waste not only cause an increase on your utility bill but also leave a damaging environmental impact as well.



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