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Frozen Pipe Prevention and Repair Services

The extreme cold combined with wind chill creates a substantial risk for frozen or burst pipes. Freezing water turns to ice within the pipe, which in turn can expand and block the line. This blockage can create excessive pressure throughout the system and cause pipe failure in vulnerable places—no matter if the pipe is made of plastic, copper or steel. Even a tiny crack can unleash more than 250 gallons of water in a single day. The results of frozen water pipes can cause property damage and high repair costs.

Follow these plumbing tips to help minimize the risk of freezing pipes, and to help prevent damage and expensive repairs.

If You Have Frozen Pipes

Prevention Tips for Frozen Pipes

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to prevent frozen pipes

What to do when water pipes freeze and/or burst?

What are the symptoms of a frozen pipe?

Our basement sprung a leak from a frozen pipe, and the tech was out here within 2 hours to start mitigation. Late at night, within 2 hours made a world ... of difference for us as we caught it quick and the work started just as quick. The two men we worked with over the course of the week were absolutely fantastic. We cannot say enough how awesome they both were in everything they did for us. They were extremely nice, and talked us through each step extremely thoroughly even though I felt like we were burdening him with questions. Helping with insurance claims was just icing on the cake. Roto-Rooter has literally secured any business we need that they can provide from here on out because of the service we received. If you need plumbing or water restoration work, don't hesitate here, these two will get you back to normal living and explain how in perfect sense. They really helped us calm down as this was our first experience with home damage. Thank you!

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There was a frozen water pipe at my home over the weekend. Not only did they help me to perform initial repairs myself (containing the problem), but they also ... came out twice to solve the problem. The technician was extremely helpful and pleasant and made the stress of the situation much more manageable. If I have a problem in the future, I will definitely reach out to the Roto-Rooter team.

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Fast and excellent service today! I had been without water due to a frozen pipes, and the technicians arrived quickly, got the correct parts, and restored my water within a ... couple hours. Thank you!

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