Water Pipe Noise Repair Tips

October 26, 2015

One of the most annoying things about aging plumbing is noise. Banging, shrieking, whistling, and hissing are all noises that many people grow to live with in an aging home. Even brand new homes can have plenty of plumbing noises if piping conditions are not perfect. To help you better understand Port St. Lucie water pipe noise, we here at Roto-Rooter have put together this helpful troubleshooting guide. Knowing where the noise is coming from and what is causing it will help you make the right judgment call as to whether or not the problem is serious or not.

Noisy Pipes

One of the most common reasons for noisy pipes is air mixed in with the running water. If too much air is being pushed along the pipe with running water, rustling, hissing, and loud whistling noises will be heard when a faucet is turned on, the toilet is flushed, and more. One thing to understand about air running with water is that it usually will not cause serious problems.

The only issue to look out for is if temperatures drop suddenly and your pipes are at risk of freezing over. When this happens, the expanding water turning into ice actually puts pressure on the little pockets of air trapped in the pipeline. If the air cannot pass through the line in time, it will get trapped and be forced to escape by bursting through the pipe wall forming a crack or even shattering the pipe altogether. Fortunately, here in Florida, we rarely get the kind of weather that can freeze pipes. But on those rare occasions when freezing temperatures hit our part of the state, local homes are severely impacted because our water pipes are not buried deep below ground and they aren’t insulated as heavily as in Northern states. If you are worried about freezing pipes, call a Roto-Rooter technician to come out and make recommendations for appropriate products and repair services.

There Is Only Noise after Using Hot Water

Copper pipes expand and contract with temperature. As hot water runs through the line, the copper pipe will expand and then quickly contract as it cools. The quick contraction is what causes the pipe to rub against braces, studs, or joists in the walls that will make loud creaking noises that can be quite annoying. While this problems isn't serious, there are ways to get rid of the sound.

  1. First, find where the noise is coming from.
  2. Second, cut a hole in the sheetrock where the pipe is running.
  3. Third, replace the metal brackets on the pipes with plastic braces.
  4. Finally, line foam up and down the length of the pipe to create a barrier between the pipe and anything it rubs against.

 For more tips and tricks for dealing with water pipe noise, give us a call today.


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