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Frozen Pipes, Insulation & Below Zero Temperatures

Imagine if you will this picture. It is January and the snow is glistening white. The sun is out but the wind is blowing about 10 MPH. It is just enough to kick up the snow powder off the top and blow it around. You are outside working on the spigot that your garden house attaches to because the water in the line has frozen. You are dealing with frozen pipes in Calgary, trying to avoid having any of them burst on you causing all kinds of water damage and even more miserable conditions.

This does not sound fun at all, I am sure, however this is a condition that some will face each winter. However, even if your pipes freeze, it does not have to be you that faces this situation. That is what we are here for. We can handle frozen water lines and face the bitter cold circumstances.

There is no reason why you need to be the one that takes care of this kind of a situation. In fact, there is every reason why you should not be the one to handle it. Whenever you do something that you do not do every day you are going to be slower at it than a professional. In addition, in these kinds of extreme weather circumstances you are going to be even slower. This is exactly why you should leave this to us. Although we are not fans of facing those circumstances either, it is our job. Of course, if you would prefer to do this yourself we would be more than happy to let you handle it on your own, though we are not sure your wife would approve of it.

If you are lucky and make it through the winter with no frozen pipes in Calgary this year you may want to take the time during the summer to make sure that they are well insulated and protected from freezing. If there are any that you are worried about you may want to consider adding some heat tape to them to make sure that they stay warm enough to keep them from freezing. You can also certainly add insulation into the attic or walls if you are worried about it to make sure that there are no issues next winter as well. This will also give you peace next winter that you will not have to worry about the possibility of frozen lines because you will know that they are well protected from the freezing temperatures.

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