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Roto-Rooter Man Rescues Baby Mouse test

When Roto-Rooter’s Matt Brown, of Portsmouth, Rhode Island, was dispatched to check a customer’s backed up septic tank last week, he was not expecting to come home with a pet. Matt began work to clear the septic tank when he saw debris fall inside the tank from the surrounding grass area while removing the lid. As he took a closer look he was surprised to see the debris was actually a mouse nest containing an adult mouse and its baby mouse! Acting quickly, Matt ran to his Roto-Rooter van, grabbed a paper cup, and scooped out. Unfortunately, after many attempts, the mother mouse could not be rescued.

Matt told the customer about what had just taken place and she invited him inside to clean off the baby mouse. Matt placed the baby inside a paper cup with a bunched up a paper towel to keep it warm. Knowing that the baby mouse was safe and clean, Matt finished the service call.  

As the baby mouse was newly orphaned, Matt felt compelled to keep it. He and his wife intend to raise and car for the baby mouse, since it will be ill-equipped to survive in the wild.

We are thankful for our caring employees who save pets and wildlife stuck in precarious and sometimes dangerous situations.

If you would like to learn more about the mouse rescue and how matt and his wife are caring for it, watch the video here.



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