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Water Pipe Noise Troubleshooting: A Roto-Rooter Guide

Is your home plumbing system giving you a headaches? Is it becoming harder and harder to sleep in the morning while someone takes a shower or uses the water? Are you experiencing way too much water pipe noise ? For the past seventy years, Roto-Rooter has been perfecting customer service and plumbing repair techniques to help each customer get the help he or she needs. To go the extra mile we've assembled this guide to help you troubleshoot and repair water pipe noise.

Whistling, Shrieking, and Hissing

Have you noticed excessive water pipe noise  lately? There are a lot of different types of noises that can result from hard-to-troubleshoot problems. If a water pipe starts whistling, shrieking, or hissing when a toilet is flushed, the shower is running, or a faucet is turned on, it may caused by one of a few things:

Air in the system—air can get pushed into the system along with water. This causes a lot of noise possibilities ranging from rattling, clicking, and banging.

  1. A loose washer—especially in the case of faucets, there are a lot of smaller parts that help make the faucet function properly. If there are pieces coming loose, eroding, or warping, the passing water can create whistling, shrieking, and even hissing sounds.
  2. Unstable piping—if your home plumbing system wasn't installed properly, or the supports for the pipes have come loose, pipes will start to vibrate excessively and rub on different things in the wall. This can create quite a racket.

To fix these noises, it is important to recognize that, in most cases, noisy plumbing is not dangerous to the structure of your home. Only in serious situations does vibrating plumbing lead to serious leaks. However, if the noise becomes quite violent, it is important to have a Roto-Rooter technician come out to perform a system inspection. They will not only be able to pinpoint where the sounds are coming from, but also let you know exactly what is causing the noise. If there are serious problems going on that need repair, the technician will give you appropriate recommendations for products and services that will help you repair the problem.



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