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Are the Pipes Making Noise in Your House?

If you lie awake at night in a quiet house, you'll notice quite a few sounds. You get used to them over time or tune them out (unless you've just seen a horror movie and are waiting for a ghoul to come get you), but sometimes they change. Some household noises are the result of plumbing issues and pipes making noise. Read on to discover what some of these common sounds might mean:

Banging noises
Banging from the pipes or pipes making noise might mean they are loose and not secured well within the walls (much less exciting than a ghost). It could also mean your home has pipes that flex when the water flowing through them stops. Both of these plumbing issues can be fixed easily by your plumber, and you won't have to worry about being woken up with a bang.

Dripping Sounds
If you notice a dripping noise, track it down because it could be plumbing noises. It’s probably just a leaky faucet but sometimes drips are inside walls, beneath water heaters or even the icemaker water supply line to your refrigerator. Leaking water can damage your home and invite mold. While you can do your best to find plumbing issues without assistance, you may want to bring in a professional simply to be sure your idea of where the leak is and how to fix it is correct. Trying to fix a leak yourself can be very costly to repair if you don’t know what you are doing.

Ticking isn't a noise you want to hear in your house unless it's from a clock - what's the plumbing counting down to anyway? Rest assured, though - it's likely just a noise from your water meter that's coming into the house through the pipes. It should only happen if your meter is only a few feet away from your foundation and it will only be audible when water is running. This doesn't require a fix, and your best bet here is to become accustomed to it.

How to Quiet Creaky Pipes



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