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Why Stainless Steel Washing Machine Hoses Lasts Longer

When you have a washing machine hose fail on you, and there is water accumulating behind your washer, you want to take the steps to ensure that never happens again. Usually, washing machine supply hoses are made of rubber, and while these hoses do an alright job, it only takes a few years for them to wear out. Now there are more advanced hoses available that feature stainless steel braiding, and these hoses are designed to last longer on a washing machine because of their special abilities to withstand all that washing machines throw at them.

Heat Resistance

One of the hoses leading to your washing machine connects to the hot water supply valve, so as you can guess, it carries mostly scalding hot water. Rubber doesn’t stand up well to heat over a long period of time, which is why you can often see blisters or other signs of wear along the hot water hose after a few years of use. Stainless steel is much better at handling the heat; in fact, your water heater isn’t even capable of supplying water hot enough to test its limits.

Pressure Resistance

If you are familiar with plumbing, you know that in order for water to flow through a hose, it needs an adequate amount of water pressure. Washing machine supply hoses have very high pressure water running through them, and that puts a lot of outward pressure on the hose. Rubber hoses can develop bulges and cracks over time because of this pressure, but stainless steel hoses have no problem with it.

Anti-Corrosive Coating

One frequent cause of washing machine supply hose failure occurs when the metal connecter begins to rust. Even with rubber hoses, the connectors are metal. Most stainless steel hoses have a special coating to prevent corrosion, so make sure when you’re picking out hoses that this feature is specifically mentioned.

Nothing Lasts Forever

Stainless steel braided hoses cost a bit more, so people want to be sure they are worth the extra money before purchasing. Some people purchase stainless steel hoses and are disappointed years later when a hose fails. The truth is that even reinforced stainless steel hoses won’t last forever. Eventually you will have to replace these hoses like any typical rubber hose, but the time it takes for the hose to need replacement will be longer if you spend the extra money. Add to that the longer warranty that typically accompanies reinforced stainless steel washer hoses and it is easy to understand why Roto-Rooter recommends these products.

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