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How to Prevent Flooding Around Your House

During a heavy rain storm, one of your first priorities is taking steps to prevent any flooding that may occur. With that in mind, take a look at these few ways to protect your home from flooding:

Consider a sump pump

When you live in a rainy area, you know that floods happen - if you have a basement, it's probably flooded before and it will likely do so again. That's why a sump pump is such a great investment. Sump pumps can be installed at the lowest point of your basement - they turn on automatically when they're filled with water, and they discharge the water through a system of drains and away from your home. If you don't already have a sump pump, now's the time to consider it. If you want, you can find portable sump pumps that don't need any drastic installation and work just as effectively as permanent models.

Clean out your downspouts and storm drains

One of the most common causes of flooding is a backup in storm drains or downspouts that causes water to pool around your home's foundation, rather than drain away. Before the rainy season, make an effort to clean out all of your gutters, downspouts and outdoor drains, and make sure they're all working properly to direct any water where it should go.

Fix leaks and clogs right away

Leaks and clogs within your sewer system won't just fix themselves, as much as you may wish they would. If any of the fixtures in your home drain slowly or you notice your water bill skyrocketing, figure out the source of the issue and get it fixed. Remember that your local Roto-Rooter professionals are happy to investigate a potential leak or clog and repair it for you.

Check your roof and foundation

If your roof or your home's foundation isn't in good shape, you could be more susceptible to flooding. Have a professional reinforce a cracked or crumbling foundation and replace missing shingles on your roof. Take the time to do these jobs well now so your home remains in good shape in the long term.

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