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Do not ignore that basement sump pump

We worked with the Chicago Tribune on a story about sump pumps. It appeared in the Tribune yesterday (Sunday) edition and on line today. This is helpful information to anyone who depends on a sump pump to keep their basement dry, especially as the winter snow melts away and spring rains arrive. Sump pump failure strikes fear in homeowners and is one of the primary reasons we get after hours calls, as a 24 hour plumbing company.

Residential plumbing can be tricky and sump pumps in particular seem unfamiliar and mysterious to laymen. The steps laid out in the Tribune article are helpful for the do-it-yourselfer. If you don't feel confident doing this sort of maintenance yourself, that's why there are are professionals to do it for you.  

One thing that wasn't mentioned in the article is that Roto-Rooter replaces more sump pumps in Chicago than in any other city in North America. The high water table and great number of basements is the reason.

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