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Should I Hire Someone to Do My Sump Pump Installation?

Should you hire someone for a job like this? That’s like asking whether a taco or hamburger is better for lunch. A question like this is difficult to answer for the masses. It of course hinges on many factors, which will be easier to address than finding a solution that fits everyone. Evaluate where you stand with the following questions and then you can rightly gauge whether you are up for the task or whether hiring a professional for a sump pump installation is a better idea.

Is a sump pump what I really need?

If you’ve only self diagnosed the problem, you may consider exterior factors because problems with water in the basement are usually connected to the drainage around your home. You may need to clear gutters, extend roof runoff to reach at least 4 feet beyond your house and examine and that soil within 3 feet of your house is sloping downward.

Do I have the time and experience to get the job done?

Although not impossible, the task of installing a sump pump is hard work. If you have experience with similar sort of tasks, you can probably read a few tutorials online and proceed with confidence. If home improvement projects are new to you, you may want to ask a friend or relative that has had more experience, or, hire a professional. In addition, you will need to establish where your main lines, such as sewer and the main water supply, enter the house. You’ll want to avoid these as you drill into your floor.

Do I have access to all the right tools?

In many situations, all that you’ll need is an isolated sump kit with several feet of gravel underneath. In some instances, where your foundation does not sit on a gravel bed or your water problems affect the whole basement, the project is a lot more demanding. If you know your foundation sits on a gravel bed then you will need to rip up the concrete of your basement floor in the area for the sump pump installation. A demolition saw or electric jackhammer are the best tools for this job.

Answering these questions is only the first step. If you’ve determined that you’re capable of the work, move on and get the best tips from the experts who have done such tasks before.

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