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What to Know About Living on a Floodplain

As a homeowner, flooding is one of the worst nightmares you can experience. Heavy rainfall can cause serious water damage to your property- both inside and out. Flooding can overwhelm a home's sewer system, slowing down your sump pump's ability to handle water runoff. If you live on a floodplain, your risk for flooding may worsen during heavy storms.

What's a floodplain?

A floodplain is low-lying area that is usually located between two higher grounds. Such terrains are adjacent to bodies of water like streams, rivers, lakes, ponds or oceans. Because of this, properties that are located on a floodplain are highly susceptible to flooding

How do I know if I live on a floodplain?

Knowing if your property is located within a floodplain is critical to keeping your family and your home safe during a flood. Even if you aren't in plain sight of a body of water, that doesn't mean your home is far away from one. While this is a rather broad interpretation, the Federal Emergency Management Agency can help narrow it down for you. Simply visit the FEMA Flood Map Service Center and type in your address,and it will show you how close in proximity you are to a floodplain.

How can I protect my home?

If you do happen to reside in an area that has been deemed a floodplain, there are certain measures you can take to help mitigate flooding to protect your home. Contact your local Roto-Rooter professional to discuss ventilating your pipes. This can help prevent water from entering your home during serious weather conditions.

What if my home is already flooding?

Consult a licensed plumber to see what the damage is before trying to tackle it yourself. You might be facing replacements of your outdoor piping system, your sump pump and your plumbing fixtures. While these appliances are durable and made to last, Mother Nature's strong winds are quite fierce. Especially during hurricanes.

For more information on how to prepare and protect your home from a flood, contact your local Roto-Rooter professional today.