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How to Replace Washing Machine Water Line Hoses

Washing machines hoses burstWashing machine hoses do not last forever, in fact they are one of the primary causes of catastrophic home flooding when they burst. This is why it is important to replace them every few years. Replacing washing machine water supply hoses is easy. In fact, if you can hook up and disconnect a garden hose, you can replace your washing machine hoses too. However, sometimes the old hoses get stuck due to calcium buildup from hard water.

Follow these instructions to replace your washing machine water hoses:

  1. Turn off the water valves behind your washing machine. These supply water to the appliance.
  2. Have a bucket and some towels handy because the old hoses probably contain water that will likely spill out.
  3. Unscrew the old hoses from the back of the washing machine. Remember, lefty loosey and righty tighty. You may need a pair of channel lock pliers if you can’t unscrew the hose ends by hand.
  4. Place the end of the hose inside your bucket so the water can drain out.
  5. Now disconnect the opposite end of the hoses from the water supply valves and drop these hoses into the bucket.
  6. Connect the new hoses to both ends, being careful that the hot water connection at the supply end connects to the hot water in connection on the appliance, and vice-versa.

Washing machines hosesRoto-Rooter recommends replacing rubber hoses with stainless steel braided hoses, also known as “no burst hoses.” They last longer than rubber hoses and are far less likely to burst and flood your home. They cost a little more but they are well worth it for the added protection from flooding.

Please follow the hose manufacturer’s recommendations for how often you should replace their hoses. In general, we recommend replacing rubber hoses every two or three years. Stainless steel braided hoses will last five to six years, sometimes longer.

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